• THE DIVIDE: Online Course

    THE DIVIDE: Why Men BBQ & Women Make the Salad 


    💥 The Ultimate Guide to Dividing Household Chores So You Both Win (a.k.a less resentment + more sex)  

    Is trying to do the supermarket shopping, clean the house, buy your mother in law a birthday present and working a full time job stressing you out?

    Meeting the demands of a modern woman is  tough. It feels like you need to be everything to everyone all the time, on top of the fact that you’re working a full time job. We get it, we’ve been there!

    With both of our partners, we have worked extremely hard to make sure that we are each part of a team when it comes to managing all aspects of our respective households. 

    Over time, we have each gone from feeling overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done, to it being a joint effort to pay the bills, complete the chores, feed the hungry mouths and do the grocery shop.  

    Having this team mentality means we now have the time, space & freedom to pursue our careers, have a social life and be creative without being frustrated at our partners. You can make this transition too. 




     Introducing ‘The Divide: 


    Our 4 week step by step course that transforms working women like you from feeling overwhelmed from doing all the things, to having more time to pursue what you want. 


    🧠 Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in The Divide:-


    • Awareness of how much you and other women in our communities take on board due to gender roles
    • The impact that lopsided division of labour can have on our mental and emotional health
    • Understanding how the division of labour and success in our careers are intertwined 
    • How to step down from being the household manager to creating a household team
    • Strategies and practical tools to open up communication with your partner about sharing the load


     What you will recieve  


    This online course starts 6th October and is hosted in a private group on Facebook, where you will access to all the videos and documents you need to complete the course. PLUS unlimited access to Anna & Kate through Facebook Messanger. 


    Although the course doesn't start until 6th October when you purchase today you will automatically gain access to a workbook which gives you:


    🔥 Access to the Facebook group

    🔥 Exercises to start you and your partner having conversations about household & emotional labour 

    ✌ Unlimited access to Kate & Anna to ask those burning questions!




    You will gain access to a new module over the 4 weeks of the course and will include delving into the following areas! We cannot wait for you to join us!


    The Division
    Running errands, cooking, cleaning, child care… the list is endless. We take a deep dive into how these tasks are typically divided in a household. We then look at the dreaded ‘emotional labour’, those invisible tasks that generally fall on one person. 


    The Impact
    Resentment, stress levels, health, career, social commitments and creativity. We explore how an unequal division of household labour can impact all of these things in a negative way. 

    The Action
    So now we know what the divide is and how damaging it can be, what can we actually do about it? We do some intense planning and start having some difficult conversations with our partners. 

    🔥 BONUS!
    Our partners have developed a special section for your significant other. Developing a team mindset is the key component to sharing responsibility. Logan and James share their views on the importance of becoming a team, how it has positively impacted our relationships and allowed us all the freedom to pursue our careers and hobbies.


    We believe in the power of this course so much that we offer a 30 Day Money back guarantee!

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