THE DIVIDE 2.0: Why Men BBQ & Women Make the Salad 


    💥 The Ultimate Guide to Dividing Household Chores So You Both Win (a.k.a less resentment + more sex)  

    Calling all overwhelmed AF women!


    Is trying to manage the pressures of your career, personal wellness, community commitments, children and man child way too much to have on one plate (probably a plate you will have to pick up off the bench and put in the empty dishwasher)?


    Let’s take a moment to recognise those boss individuals like Kate Sheppard who have created a legacy where women now have more opportunities than ever. HOWEVER we are still flooded with trying to DO everything and BE everything to everyone ALL of the time, despite the fact that we are also WORKING FULL TIME.


    You are not alone. Even though those Instagram mums look like they have it all together and can manage all the things, chances are it’s just a highlight reel.


     Introducing The Divide 2.0


    Kate and Anna want to introduce you to The Divide 2.0. An online community for women like you to challenge gendered stereotypes and the pressures of being a modern woman.


    You will have open access to the tools & skills we have used with our partners to share the load evenly at home, so that you can free up time to focus on your wellbeing.


    The Divide 2.0 is our step by step two week programme that transforms the experiences of modern women from feeling overwhelmed from doing all the things, to having more time for yourself (after all, you can’t pour from an empty cup).


    🧠 Here’s the low down on all things The Divide 2.0:-


    💥 Connection through our online community with women from around the world who are prioritising their wellness and happiness - they are off loading gendered tasks and challenging gendered expectations. It’s kind of like going to catch up with your bestie at a cafe, except in this community it’s totally normal to have a messy bun, still be in your pyjamas (maybe with a bit of baby spew on them) while drinking a cup of instant coffee that’s gone a little cold


    💥 Awareness & insight into just how much pressure women are put under due to gendered roles in their household plus career expectations.


    💥 Tools & techniques to prioritise your personal wellness


    💥 Strategies & practical tools to open up communication and enable change between you and your partner when it comes to sharing the load


    The gendered divide is impacting our wellness more than we could ever know. If you are wanting to feel less overwhelmed, have time to prioritise your wellness and feel supported by your man child .... sorry we mean partner ... then you need to take the leap into The Divide 2.0.


     The Course 


    This online course starts xxxxx and is hosted in a private group on Facebook, where you will access to all the videos and documents you need to complete the course PLUS unlimited access to Anna & Kate through Facebook Messenger. 


    Although the course doesn't start until xxx when you purchase today you will automatically gain access to a workbook which gives you:


    ✌ Access to the Facebook group

    ✌ The first exercise to start you and your partner having conversations about household & emotional labour 

    ✌ Unlimited access to Kate & Anna to ask those burning questions!




    MODULE 1 - Intro + History of Gendered Roles


    MODULE 2 - Impact on your Health


    MODULE 3 - Impact on your Career


    MODULE 4 - Impact on Personal Life 


    If by the end of the programme you don’t think you have taken anything from it, we will even give you a 30 Day Money back guarantee! That’s how much we believe in this course changing your life. 

    Hit the 'add to cart' button now to join The Divide and meet all the incredible women who will be joining us on this journey over the next 2 weeks!