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The Divide: Why Men BBQ & Women Make the Salad 

This course is the ultimate guide to dividing household chores so you both win (a.k.a less resentment + more sex). Learn:

  • Awareness of how much you and other women in our communities take on board due to gender roles

  • The impact that lopsided division of labour can have on our mental and emotional health

  • Understanding how the division of labour and success in our careers are intertwined 

  • How to step down from being the household manager to creating a household team

  • Strategies and practical tools to open up communication with your partner about sharing the load

Our goal is to have you feeling like a boss woman who has the support and time to chase those dreams.  


online course

professional development

The Hub provides knowledge, tools and resources for ​​​​​​​HR professionals and management teams. It includes:

  • Online lessons on unconscious bias & language

  • Online toolkits with example templates and workplace initiatives 

​​​​​​​The Hub supports organisations to become their own specialists in reating environments where diversity & inclusion initiatives thrive.


The Hub also includes ongoing micro lessons . These are the ultimate professional development tool for busy professionals. Receive a micro lesson every fortnight direct to your inbox. Each lesson contains:- 

  • Information on a new discriminatory word or habit each fortnight 

  • Some history on where it originated 

  • Why that word or habit isn't great 

  • Suggestions for alternatives 

  • A printable poster to put up by the water cooler

From $150 p/m

membership hub

lessons & Toolkits


This is the best place for businesses to start. This high impact workshop provides you and your staff with the fundamental skills to:

  • Recognise and combat your own unconscious bias

  • Be aware of the impact that your language has on others

  • Influence and create social change through the words you use

  • Practical tools for implementation

Staff will leave knowing what unconscious bias is and how they can minimise their 

own biases coming through in the workplace. 


Staff will also leave understanding how important language is and how they can watch their own language during the working day.  

This workshop is 1 1/2 hours (including discussion throughout and questions at the end).

From $700 per workshop