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We provide businesses with all the tools they need to create thriving diversity & inclusion initiatives. 

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The Divide: Why Men BBQ & Women Make the Salad 

This course is the ultimate guide to dividing household chores so you both win (a.k.a less resentment + more sex). 

The hub is for leaders building diverse & inclusive organisations. It provides all the knowledge, tools & resources that ​​​​​​​HR and management teams need to ensure their teams are diverse and their workplaces are inclusive.

This is the best place for businesses to start. This high impact workshop provides you with the fundamental skills to recognise then combat your unconscious bias.

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"As CEO of the Southland Chamber of Commerce I worked with The Awareness Project to implement two of their policies into our company. Kate & Anna were exceptional in understanding the needs of the staff. Their open communication throughout the process was highly effective in engaging staff involvement, which is critical when implementing these initiatives into a workplace. Highly recommended!"

Sheree Carey 

CEO Southland Chamber of Commerce